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That’s how it all began!


Why not invent global formats that in turn create new products and services? 

And also build everything from "square one" along with the new technical possibilities that are available.

What would that look like? 


These were the thoughts in the mind of Monir Eriksson when the notion of (IFG) International Format Group began.


Monir went over to the US to present the thoughts and the first format. The response was that this was

something new and never done before.


Through discussions with mutual acquaintances, Monir and the founders of Swilkenbridge had a common vision for the

future arose. The concept evolved and they went from words to action. They began to meet people from the

industry's various sectors and the response was unequivocal: you are on to something very exciting and

something completely new.


IFG has developed a new concept thats currently in production, a sector we call eSports Entertainment.

This format GAMERZ™ goes interactive on-air on Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Znipe  1may - 21may-2017


The IFG Model ™ consists four documentations of each format - All to create the best possible experience for the individual

viewer and to create the right conditions for getting the best possible ratio between investment and revenue for

distributors and partners.


We are in discussions with several international partners that together with IFG want to make a difference.


IFG in six words:


"We transform viewers’ action into revenue."



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