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Ola began his media career with the MTG commercial sales company Airtime, in charge of sponsorship for one of its national television companies.

In addition to his five years as sales director and managing director for Double click, he has worked with a number of Sweden’s major media groups including Egmont and Bonnier in sales, sponsoring, and business development.  His motto: “To constantly improve.”

With over 19 years experience in media, Per has held KAM, sales, and business development positions in some of Sweden’s best known companies. His work with both the MTG Media Group and the Bonnier Media Group. This has equipped him with a solid track record and broad experience to draw upon in the area of business development and strategy.  HIs motto: “Seeking joy in everything I do makes me more productive.”

IFG’s founder has over 20 years experience in the video post-production industry.  His pioneer company The Library acts as a CVM (Cloud video management system) enabling actors throughout the entire media chain to manage content. He provided formatting for Netflix in its Nordic launch. Monir specializes in finding combinations of technologies that simplify format development that can interact and communicate across a variety of platforms.  His motto: “In it to make a change.”

Fredrik has worked in media and sales for nearly 20 years. His career includes some of Sweden's strongest media channels - Dagens Industri, Veckans Affärer, TV4 andHD-Sydsvenskan. They are all parts of Sweden's largest media company 

Bonnier Media Group. His strength is building up sales organisations, developing new products and strategies.  His motto: “With passion for doing business.”







Born into the TV and film industries, Timm has worked more than 30 years as an international producer, director and developer in most genres spanning from animation, fiction and documentaries to commercials. Timm’s productions have been sold to broadcasters and cinemas in every corner of the world.  His motto: “Mixing art and entertainment grounded with a sound commercial base is paramount to me.”  







Karl Mikael has extensive experience from the media, entertainment and hospitality industries. He has held senior executive positions in industry leaders such as MTG and Nordic Choice Hospitality Group. He has also been an entrepreneur in start-ups and growth companies both internationally and in Scandinavia.

Today Karl Mikael acts as an angel-investor and is also involved in different charity projects under the motto: “Do Good. Have Fun. Make profits.


No Pain. No Gain. 

International Format Group creates new business

trough entertainment on  viewers terms

His 20 years of experience includes a great number of TV-productions for different territories and broadcasters alt. world wide. Since 2000 he has been working as a Producer/Executive Producer for formats like Idol, Lets Dance, Big Brother, The Money Drop, Killer Karaoke and Paradise Hotel just to mention a few. During 2008-2009 Robert was based in London an in charge of developing international formats for Zodiak Media Group. In 2010 he took the role as Creative Director/Head of Development for Endemol Sweden.

Fredrik Ivansson   |  CEO, Partner

phone +46 (0) 70 567 84 78    mail.  fredrik@ifgab.com

Karl Mikael Cakste   |  Executive Chairman, Partner 

phone +46 (0) 70 778 87 87    mail.  kmc@ifgab.com

Ola Heffler   |  Sales, strategy,  Partner

phone +46 (0) 70 431 48 09    mail.  ola@ifgab.com

Per Bergström   |  Key account, Partner

phone +46 (0) 70 730 22 05    mail.  per@ifgab.com

Monir Eriksson   |  Innovations, Founder 

phone +46 (0) 72 700 70 70    mail.  monir@ifgab.com

phone +46 (0) 70 431 19 81    mail.  robert@ifgab.com

Robert Jönsson   |  Creative director, Partner 

Timm Mehrens   |  Concept and Sales Denmark

phone + 45 221 39 49 5    mail.  timm@ifgab.com




International Format Group created GZE Gamingzone Entertainment

to innovate the first Global esports entertainment format "Gamerz"



Jan runs his own company Missing Link Media and has an extensive know-how of producing and distributing. He has worked for Zodiak Television, Banijay Group, Nordic World, Nordisk Film, Rubicon  and many more. He now uses his broad TV-background to shape TV-ideas to better suit the international TV-market and to broker the best possible deals with international players on behalf of the owners. Jan has also been on the board of the global format organisation FRAPA (Format Rights and Protection Association) since September 2012 and now serve as Co-chairman for this.

Jan Salling   |  Global Format Broker

phone + 45 40 46 56 98    mail.  jan.salling@ifgab.com



Martin has extensive experience from online businesses and he has spent the last 10 years holding various CFO and COO positions within the online gaming industry. His CV includes both start-ups and larger organisations, local as well as international ones.  Motto: "Relevance is king!"


Martin Lang   |  CFO

phone + 46 70 772 24 62    mail.  martin@ifgab.com

International Format Group created OVERLORD an esports talent agency

that help brands and talents with management, brand building and legal services

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